Twitter Training Courses

Social media is increasingly moving towards mobile, and Twitter is one of the pioneers. 78% of Twitter’s users now access the micro-blogging site via mobile with 46% of users tweeting at least once per day. The platform is extremely popular among celebrities and has been credited with bringing the average Joe into contact with their idols. Twitter is also a fantastic social network with brands as it is often one of the first places customers head when they have questions, praise or comments to make. Twitter is also fantastic for engaging in conversation with your consumers and quite often these consumers can become ambassadors for your brand.

Our Twitter training covers the basics: setting up a Twitter profile, how to tweet and the power of a hashtag and how to use hashtags properly. We also cover sponsored and promoted tweets, Twitter advertising, and how to measure your success on Twitter.

Facebook Training Courses

Say the words “social media” to someone and the first platform they are likely to name is Facebook. Facebook has become synonymous with social media and whether you love it or hate it, you audience will be there.

Facebook is usually one of the first places a customer will turn to if they have a question they’d like to ask a brand, want to say something nice about a product you may offer, or make a complaint. It’s a very public forum, but also a very rewarding community to be part of and, if built correctly, something you can be very proud of.

Our training covers the basics: setting up a business page on Facebook, how to increase your ‘likes’ and how to boost engagement on your posts. We also cover Facebook insights, targeted advertising and how to utilise every feature to benefit your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an ever changing beast and is changing the marketing world on an epic scale. Facebook in the UK has over 34 million active monthly users (over half of the population!!) Is that a market that your business can afford to be without?

If Facebook isn’t your thing, there is guaranteed to be a social network that does suit your business. 500 million tweets are sent per day on Twitter, so it could be that your efforts are better concentrated there. Twitter is great for indulging in conversation with your customers and often acts like the bridge between brand and consumer. A brand with good interaction on Twitter, is more highly regarded when it comes to customer service.

If you’re looking into social media and SEO, Google + may be the platform for you. By far the most misunderstood and under-used social network out there, Google + does wonders for your SEO and also has a developing community. Hangouts are pretty cool, too.

LinkedIn is a good platform if your company is more B2B focused. A network full like-minded business professionals, 2 people sign up for LinkedIn every second; meaning their total users now tops 300 million.

And social media doesn’t end there. These days there is a platform for almost everything, and we’d be fools to leave out the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and Keek all of which can be used to promote your business to the right audience.

Not every social network is right for every business, however it is imperative that you use each platform you choose to its full potential in order to get the results you need. The social media training we offer is bespoke to your business and isn’t one size fits all. What suits your company, may not suit the company next door and so on. Deciding on which social media platforms to jump on board with is the most difficult part, but we can make the rest easy. Promise.

Digital Marketing Courses in Barnsley

We provide bespoke digital marketing training packages that are tailor made to support your business objectives.

This includes effective SEO training and social media management courses. We deliver first class social media platform training to instruct you how to make positive changes to your online marketing strategy that will ultimately drive both quantity and quality to your brand engagement. Want higher conversion rates? Lower bounce rates? And more traffic? Is it possible achieve all of these at the same time? Of course it is, with the right strategy.

Bigfoot digital’s specialists’ have been in the SEO and social management industry even before they were labelled as such. Our tutors are passionate about online marketing and are highly experienced in delivering quality digital strategies that drive quality traffic and further develop businesses. Our confidence in our social media and SEO trainers is in direct relation to the results they produce for local and international clients on a daily basis. They continually produce results above and beyond what their clients expect and subsequently produce impressive case studies from their work.

Our SEO business training packages are at the cutting edge of the industry, we can utilise and train our clients with many industry tools and some even before they are put to the market.

Our industry specialist foresight is facilitated and maintained by a passion for our trade, continuous training, peer review and day in day out industry experience. This has allowed us to stay one step ahead of Google’s updates and continually ensures that our clients create audiences of volume and longevity.

If you’re interested in learning how to conduct successful social media management and SEO campaigns for your business, contact us and we’ll be happy to come to your offices and give you everything you need to drive your business forward.